bepolar by marion orth


Spring 2018

Summer 2017

photographed by Mathias Porst


Philosophy & History

bepolar is a label created by me, Marion Orth.

I am a tailor and fashion designer since 1989.


I am based with my label bepolar in the small town Heroldsberg in Germany,

Over the years, I have created clothing for a very wide range of people.

Rockstars, flight attendants, performing artists, secretaries, workers –
to me it makes no difference. I create wearable and individual clothing for
everybody. Each client will become king or queen in the bepolar universe.

All my pieces are handmade in my designer studio and workshop.


Of course, all fabrics and materials are chosen carefully and accepted

only from fair trade sources.


The label bepolar is created for true individualists. Every piece is unique.

Deciding to acquire  a bepolar piece is a very deliberate and conscious decision.
The positive feeling of wearing clothes that are handmade and consciously
chosen, made of quality materials will last for a long time, if not for a life time.

Bepolar pieces are made to become your favourite.

On demand, I can alter or renew your old „favourite piece“.


The more information I get from you, the more specific I can work on your clothing. Getting to know each other via video chat, i.e. Skype or messenger or other
networks will  help both of us to set up the personalized piece of your dreams.


Those who are able to make an appointment in my designer studio will experience
a fitting  in a relaxed environment while discussing your wishes. The closer
we work together, the more personally defined bepolar will become for you.